John Wong

Artist, co-founder, CEO of a creative agency, dontbelieveinstyle (DBIS), since 2005.

His debut feature, “The Tourist”, was screened in the 27th Hong Kong International Film Festival in 2002. From 1998 to 1999, he was invited by Australia's ARX5 (Artists' Regional Exchange) cultural exchange program for art exchange in Australia and Singapore, as well as creating installation art “How Far I Can Go”, “TSITRA” and “Jiao Liu Liu”. “Drowning” visual arts was exhibited at Fairy Tales Festival (1999) in Koeln, Germany and "Turin International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival" at Turin, Italy. “On Our Own” Visual Art, presented at "Festival Du Court Métrage De Clermont-Ferrand", "Worms Festival II", Singapore (2000). “Siren” multimedia installation art, exhibited at the Osage Gallery in 2007. “RuShi” just exhibited at Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2018.

Mr Wong has over 20 years of experience in multimedia & cross-disciplined creative projects include Art, Entertainment & Commercial. Since 1998, Mr Wong has been actively participated in over 200 multimedia theatrical projects. Selected theatrical multimedia design projects include, Edward Lam Dance Theatre’s “Why We Chat, "What is Sex?", "What is Success?",  "What is Fantasy?", "What is Man?", ,& "Awakening” Stan Lai’s “Happiness Lessons”, “Just Play it”; Olivia Yan’s “Speed-the-Plow”, “You Yuan”, “Moon 7/12”; Dadawa's "Hear the World" Concert;  Yang Li Ping's "Peacock" etc.  Since 2000, Mr. Wong has participated in over 100 multimedia design for pop concert. Selected multimedia design projects for pop concert include, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Sandy Lam, Eason Chan, Leon Lai, Faye Wong, Sammi Cheng, Kelly Chen, Leo Ku, Coco Lee, Joey Yung & Twins etc. Mr. Wong’s creative consultancy & curatorial project also involves in some large-scale events. Selected large scale events include, 2010 Shanghai Expo’s Hong Kong Smartcard Pavilion & Macao Tak Sing On pavilion for concept & multimedia design; One Piece Summer Carnival 2016 & One Piece Run Hong Kong 2016; Macao Light Fest 2016, & HELLO! MOON exhibition in Beijing WaterCube 2018 etc.




首部執導的長片《旅客》於第二十七屆香港國際電影節放映。1998 至 1999,被澳大利亞的ARX5 (Artists’ Regional Exchange) 文化交流計劃,邀到澳大利亞和新加坡作藝術交流, 並創作装置藝術作品 《How Far I Can Go》,《TSITRA》和 《Jiao Liu Liu》。《Drowning》視覺藝術作品,於 Koeln, Germany “Fairy Tales” Festival (1999),及Turin, Italy“Turin International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival” (1999)展出。《On Our Own》視覺藝術作品,於France “Festival Du Court Métrage De Clermont-Ferrand”, 新加坡 “Worms Festival II” 展出 (2000)。《Siren》装置藝術作品,於Osage Gallery展出 (2007)。《如是》剛於香港 ”微波國際新媒體藝術節2018” 的主要展覽展出。

自1998年起,為榮念曾、林奕華、詹瑞文、甄詠蓓、朱哲琴、楊麗萍、賴聲川等等藝術家創作超過二百個舞臺多媒體作品。作品包括非常林奕華《聊齋》、《紅樓夢》、《三國》、《西遊記》、《水滸傳》、《梁祝的繼承者們》、《恨嫁家族》、及《賈寶玉》;賴聲川《快樂不用學》、《陪我看電視》、《彈琴說愛》;朱哲琴《「世界聽·見·朱哲琴」演唱會2010》;楊麗萍舞劇《孔雀》等等。dontbelieveinstyle是香港領導的視覺創意設計公司。黃志偉曾為過百個流行音樂會當多媒體視覺總監。主要作品包括:《郭富城舞林密碼演唱會2016-2018》、《郭富城『舞臨盛宴』世界巡迴 演唱會2011-2013》、《古巨基我們世界巡迴演唱會2015-2018》、《周筆暢Not Typical 巡迴演唱會2017》、《劉美君Karma Chameleon千色》等。大型的跨界創意和策展項目包括,2010年上海世界博覽會香港SmartCard館及澳門德成按館,《海賊王.夏日激航狂歡世界2016》,《One Piece Run Hong Kong 2016》,《澳門光影節2016》,北京水立方《月光如水》文化藝術展2018等。